October 19, 2019

3 things you need to know to make a decision you can live with

3 things you need to know to make a decision you can live with

Should you quit? Or recommit? Speak up or stay silent? Should you stay? Or go? Buy it, or pass on it? Book it, or defer?Trust her, or not? Back him, or walk away?

How do you know which way to go when there is a big decision to make?

How do you choose when there are so many unknown variables?

How do you know what’s right? How do you know what is the true path for you?

I see people tying themselves in knots trying to make decisions about love, life, career, friendship, family and so on. Wrestling with decisions, sometimes for yeeeeeeeeeears and years – and living in an uncomfortable, unsatisfied limbo in the meantime.

Here are the three things you need to know to break the deadlock and make the decision you can live with:

1. NOT making a decision ….IS MAKING A DECISION.

Choosing not to leave? Be clear. You are choosing to stay. Fact.

Choosing not to speak up? You are choosing silence. You are choosing not to assert boundaries. They are not “doing it to you” or “making you feel” something – you are choosing not to voice your truth.

It’s important to cease believing you are not making a decision with endless procrastinating! YOU ARE MAKING A DECISION! You are deciding over and over and OVER again NOT to decide – that IS a decision in itself. And it’s a massively energy sucking one. Living with the weight of a significant unresolved decision splits energy and focus like nothing else. So get clear on the fact the time has come to make a proper decision one way or the other – that you are going to execute and make peace with whichever way you are going to go, but that you are not prepared to live with “unresolved” hanging over you indefinitely.

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