October 19, 2019

4 Need-To-Knows for resolution success in 2017 – Part 4

1. Wanting other people’s approval

When we most want other people’s approval for our goals we can set ourselves up for failure. It means we are waiting for external 4 Need-To-Knows for resolution success in 2017 - Part 4approval to fuel our fire. This may or may not come. And if it doesn’t we will quickly lose momentum. When we are looking to make a lasting change, it is much better to search for a primarily internal motivation to drive us forward. So get connected to what this goal means for you – how will YOU feel when you achieve it. Not what will everyone say. Get connected to your inner fire.


2. Expecting it to be hard

When we expect a change in behaviour or circumstance to be reeeeeeally hard to accomplish, then guess what: it will be hard! We get what we expect pretty much most of the time. So expecting something to be hard means that we have set up resistance to accomplishing our goal before we even start! If this is what’s derailed you, turn this one around by breaking your goal down into smaller chunks, then halve them again, and again, until they seem ridiculously EASY (e.g. could you fit in an 8minute walk each day? Sure you could. Good. Do that then). And then just START. Give yourself permission to start slow, but for the love of God, start! Build up as you go rather than putting yourself off by expecting too much too soon.

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