October 22, 2019

4 ways we sabotage ourselves from reaching our goals

4 ways we sabotage ourselves from reaching our goalsHow are those New Years’ Resolutions going? Achieved? Big fat tick? On the way to being achieved? Nice progress being made? Or totally forgotten about and covered in dust, never to be spoken of again?

We can start off the year with such good intentions, but all too often this burst of enthusiasm to lose 10kgs, or spend more quality time with the family, falls by the wayside as life gets busy and work ramps up. We seem to self sabotage the very thing we have decided we wanted so much back in January. Why do we do that?! Here are a few of the most common stumbling blocks:

1.        Wanting other people’s approval

When we most want other people’s approval for our goals, we can set ourselves up for failure. It means we are waiting for external approval to fuel our fire. This may or may not come. And it if doesn’t we will quickly lose momentum. When we are looking to make lasting change it is much better to search for a primarily internal motivation to drive us forward. So get connected to what this goal really means for you – how will YOU feel when you achieve it. Not what will everyone say. Get connected to your own inner fire.

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