October 22, 2019

6 Simple Ways To Make Today A Great Day No Matter What’s On Your To Do List

Tweet: 6 Simple Ways To Make Today A Great Day No Matter What http://ctt.ec/mjwdd+ #shinebright @FlexHappyYep, I know life is super busy right now. And we aren’t even in the run up to Christmas yet! I want you feeling calm, positive, and on purpose knowing you have the power to make every day great, no matter what’s in it. That a great day is something you have so much more control over than you think you do. Here are six smart ways to switch up your mood in less than a minute (see, I heard ya, I know you are busy!) – pick one, or two – or hell – do all six! They are ALL guaranteed to boost your mood and spread some sunshine, whatever the weather. Pin this list up where you can see it as instant Bad Hair Day circuit breaker.

1. Surprise and Delight Someone

Marketers call them “Surprise and Delight Campaigns”, basically going the extra mile for the client, or rewarding them in some way they weren’t expecting. It’s a powerful thing to do as it’s the unexpected factor that creates amazing loyalty. I want you to do your own mini surprise and delight campaign this morning. Find someone – anyone – to surprise and delight. “I love that skirt, it looks amazing on you” to the fellow traveler at the bus stop. “I brought you sushi for lunch just because you are great at what you do, and you looked really busy today” to the chap in accounts. Random acts of niceness.

2. Just Don’t Do It

Just take something off your To Do list – the biggest HELL NO – you know the thing. Yeah, that thing. The thing that’s really not even your thing. The thing you don’t want to do AT ALL. Delegate it. Or just Cross It Off. Don’t do it. Let it go. Feel that relief? Good. If it’s that important to someone else, don’t worry – they will find a way, or they will do it themselves. Get focused back on your HELL YES stuff instead and bask in the relief.

3. Laugh Out Loud. Yes. LOL

I insist you find something that makes you laugh. Right Now. Your kid. Bob in Purchasing. YouTube, I’m not fussy. Find it and LOL. Did you know kids spontaneously laugh 400 times a day (or something) and adults only 6 (or something equally depressing). We need to get these stats improved, stat! Here’s one that always cracks me up, as it’s exactly what my cat would do.

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