May 25, 2020

6 ways to keep your motivation HIGH!

wellbeing, life coaching, life balance, As you probably know I have been writing a book for some time.  The working title is “High Energy Happiness” and I am lucky enough that it will be published by Penguin in January 2014. Yay! So exciting! All I have to do now of course is finish the damn thing! My manuscript is due on Monday 6th May. Not far way …AT ALL.

I can’t tell you the amount of womanhours that have gone into this book, my hourly wage would be so far below the minimum wage it’s not funny!  That said it’s obviously not about the money, it’s about getting my message out into the world. My coaching sessions are so full that I need another way to help people to manage their energy, and live a full and happy life.  This book is the prefect way to do just that!

I feel like I am in mile 23 of a marathon right now. Not near enough the finish at mile 26 to see the tape, but far enough that I am feeling pretty tired and that I have come a really, really long way! It’s been a huuuuuuge learning curve, and with people tackling different but also big long term projects like studying for a qualification for a new career, a significant weight loss journey and a big house renovation I thought it’s a good time to put some of my own tips into practice for keeping up motivation.

When a project is small, or a quick thing, then motivation is no problem, we get started and before you know it, bam, we are done! But when it’s something long term, how do we keep going when we are feeling weary? What the difference in motivation between a marathon and a sprint?

Six top tips on how to keep going:


1.  Reconnect with WHY you started the project in the first place. The BIG reason. It’s so easy to get lost in the seemingly endless list of LITTLE things left to do, but take that perspective back to the WHY. WHY did you start this in the first place. For me it’s about continually reconnecting with my purpose. I believe I suffered with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in order that could learn what I needed to learn to recover to write this book and help everyone who ever says “I am feeling really run down. I am sick and tied of feeling sick and tired”. It’s my mission to help people turn their health, energy and happiness around waaaaaay before they got to the point I did. It’s my life’s work to spread a message of self efficacy when it comes to our energy levels, and I know I can make a BIG difference. Reconnecting to that Big WHY connects me to the spiritual fuel I need to keep going even when I want to step away from the laptop and go and watch telly.

2.  Look back at how far you have come, not just how far there is to go. Look back at how many modules of your training course you have completed, or how many walls you have painted, or kilos you have lost, not just focusing on what you haven’t yet done. Take a moment to stand and assess just how far you have come, it always produces a surge of pride and a motivation boost. For me that’s looking at my word count, 82 050 words written. Dang that’s a shed load of helpful stuff written down!

3.  Break it down and give yourself juicy rewards. Particularly when we are in the last third of a big project and enthusiasm can wane it’s really important to reward ourselves for each milestone we reach. Running 8K without stopping for the first time on your half marathon training programme, treat yourself to a pedicure.  Completed the 6th of 8 papers in your exams treat yourself to a round of golf with the boys. Whatever floats your boat in terms of reward. Try and make it a NON FOOD based reward if you can.

4.  Keep Self Care levels high. It SO easy when we are talking a monster project to defer taking acre of ourselves so we can focus on getting the thing DONE. It’s really short term thinking, as we create our best work when we are feeling energised and healthy. Make sure you schedule in your regular self care routine, your yoga, eating well, a walk at lunchtime, whatever it is that supports you AND STICK TO IT no matter what your deadline  suggests. A marathon is about endurance and without your health you simply won’t finish.

5.  Stop doing some other stuff. Accept that the house might not be as tidy for a while. Or you may need to get your groceries ordered online and cook simpler food or whatever it takes to give you a little more time and a little more energy. Don’t expect your standards to be that same for everything else whilst you are in the stages of your final push to get things finished Cut yourself a little slack.

6.  Reach for your support crew. Who are your cheerleaders? Reach out to them and say you need a bit of encouragement to get over the finish line. Let them cheer you on with words of encouragement and practical support like picking the kids up form school. Ask for help, you will be amazed at how happy people are to give it when they know you are finishing a BIG inspirational thing. Who are my cheerleaders? My fabulous husband who couldn’t be more supportive emotionally and practically, my good buddy Claire Turnbull who’s book “Lose Weight For Life” came out this January so she is a great support as she ahs literally been there, and lastly…you! All the messages and emails that make my day, that say “that blog/column you wrote really helped me, really made a difference to me”, that’s what keeps me going. So thank you for your continued support, I quite literally couldn’t do it without you!


So, best wishes to you, whatever BIG project you have on at the moment, or one that you are about to undertake, know that your reserves are deeper than you think and you can keep yourself motivated right the way to that finishing tape to create something you will be proud of all your life.

Have a great week, and if you want to cheer me on…come leave me a message here on Facebook!

Louise Thompson