October 19, 2018

All the remnants of my sports injuries have disappeared

To be honest with you I don’t do reviews – if there good they get exaggerated, if there poor they get put in the bin, but Louise has asked for my support to attempt to realign the internet search engines and being such a neat lady she get’s it; so this is like an advertorial. My biggest fear is that you’ll all read this and the demand for her YOGA classes will soar; there’ll be an IPO and her franchised YOGA classes will be throughout NZ without her presence at everyone. I’m a 65 year old ‘fart’ who’s played various sports at club and representative level through to my 50’s. After a large gap of general inactivity I started Louise’s YOGA classes two years ago, a YOGA beginner for a term and now a YOGA intermediate. For the price of a couple of pints down at the local you get an hour and quarter of YOGA each week that could be your solution to the onset of ageing. All the remnants of my sports injuries have disappeared – my doctor despairs at my annual check-up that she’s not going to make any money out of me – my peer group with their aches and pains, bypasses and replacements eye me enviously. So come along to Positive Balance YOGA, be you fat, thin, tall, small you will enjoy yourself, you’ll have your own space and Louise’s support and encouragement. The only competition will be yourself. Louise’s Positive Balance YOGA Classes rock!

Robert Lindsay
Rated 3/3