March 28, 2020

Being Fearless

Being Fearless“You are fearless” she emailed “fearless! The way you put yourself out there. I couldn’t’ do that”.

Thank you, I said, but please don’t mistake my work rate for an absence of fear! I love the perception of being fearless – but it’s far from the truth. The truth is this:

The first time I did live TV I was terrified. Terr. I. Fied.
The second time I was still terrified.
The third time, I was terrified minus one percentage point.
Out of about a thousand.

When my book got published and went “out there” into the world I was elated, excited but more than a little scared of what the reception might be to such a controversial wellness topic delivered in a pretty bullish style.

Each week when I press send on my column for the New Zealand Herald, knowing it will be read by tens of thousands – sometimes there is a little prickle of worry about how it might go down.

So, I’m absolutely not fearless despite how it may look. Here’s how it works for me:

I have fear. Of course I do.
But I also have a message to share, and my message is bigger than my fear.

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