April 24, 2018

Benefits of Yoga

How long have you got! This is a very long list…that’s why it has endured for millennia, because it works delivering tangible wellbeing benefits physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. A few of them are in the table below…are there any that would make a difference to your life?

Physical BenefitsMental Benefits
Increased energy and vitalityFeeling of general wellbeing
Reduced tension (less tension headaches)
Improved concentration and focus
Improved flexibility and staminaMore positive attitude
Injury preventionIncreased intuition and problem solving skills
Sleep better: more refreshedCounteracts stress and anxiety
Reduced/prevents back/neck painCalms the mind
Increased suppleness and flexibilityAids emotional balance
Improves balanceMental space and clarity
Regulates metabolismReduced frustration
Raises self confidence and self esteem

I guess the best answers come from my students who can tell you the benefits they get from their practice:

“Wasn’t expecting a more relaxed state of mind, or the ability to reduce stress through breathing. Fabulous!”

“”Reduced all over body pain (fibromyalgia). Yoga helped me to get back into other exercise, and I have also lost 17kg since starting.

“Am getting the increased strength and flexibility I thought I would, and better, thank you ! And that’s only after one class per week.”

I was surprised about the improvement in my breathing, which has helped with my singing and sleeping! also my posture. Although I still experience a bit of pain with my back I am definitely feeling, noticing an improvement!

Yoga seems to have given me more energy-especially straight after class and the next day.

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