March 25, 2019

Call Your Oldsters Today. Give Them Your Love.

Call your oldsters

Amazing – this happened to me last night and I posted in my Facebook group. ┬áIncredible response!

I was just on my way to 6.30pm boxing class, waiting at the T junction on Onewa Road when I saw this old lady, really, and I mean REALLY struggling, walking with her stick.

She was practically going backwards she was struggling so badly. DOZENS of cars streamed by in the rush hour.

Took me quite a while to get out of my road, over to her side of the road and pull over. Meanwhile HUNDREDS of cars streamed by in the rush hour. HUNDREDS.

She said she was going to the bookshop. She seemed very concerned about it. I held her up as the traffic screamed by, and promised to take her.

A lovely young woman with a swishy ponytail in a yellow beetle pulled over too. We managed to get the lady in the car and I said I’d pop straight her up to the bookstore which calmed her down. Lovely swishy girl followed.

Bookstore – not surprisingly at 6.30pm – closed. Asked if I could drop her home, which she said would be lovely. Except she had no idea where she lived. After a little while she gave be a road name. I googled it. It was in Epsom. How did you get here to Birkenhead I asked? No idea at all.

Hmmm. I asked if she had a phone. Which she did but it was dead as a doornail. Her name was sellotaped on the phone. “Elaine – who lives with you in Epsom honey?” My husband. Do you have his number, he might be worried about you?” Bearing in mind the phone was dead I thought this was a pretty long shot – but amazingly – SHE KNEW THE NUMBER!

Miracle! MIRACLE!

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