October 22, 2019

Adrenal Fatigue

The 4 minute mile and You

Trekking to Machu Picchu is a once in a lifetime experience, and I am so glad to have been able to do it. Once in a lifetime that is unless you are a … More info

Wasted Time or Play Time?

Play Time

There is a common complaint that I notice with many of my coaching clients, especially those who are tired (or suffering from Adrenal Fatigue / … More info

Stress Newsflash! Stress that is good for you…

Newsflash: stress has only existed for 80 years. Did you know the term stress was only ever applied to things pre 1930’s? It referred to a load on say … More info

No time for exercise? Try the Obama Principle.

Okay so here’s the thing, and I can say all this woowoo stuff with confidence because I am, after all, a yoga teacher: The body is the moving temple … More info

The Magic Elixir Of More Time

Magic Elixir Of More Time

I don’t have enough time! This really is the mantra of modern living. How many times a day do you find yourself saying just that...I’d love to but … More info

Mono-Tasking…disconnecting to find connection.

A good friend and I went off to a yoga retreat last weekend. It was in a remote hostel outside Inglewood, which is outside of New Plymouth, in the … More info

Lose the shoes: 10 simple ways to feel more peaceful right now.

Lose the shoes for inner peace

Yoga is great of course for reconnecting (or discovering!) the inner peace we all have inside, but it’s not the only way. Here are 10 more simple ways … More info

Mother Nature is one smart lady…

Straight off the bat in the Introduction to all my new Beginners Yoga Courses as I outline to the new students how to look after their bodies and get … More info