December 9, 2019

Finding your most delicious Yoga flavour

Finding your most delicious Yoga flavour

Here’s a little secret. I don’t enjoy every yoga class I go to. I know, I should right, I teach it, I love it, so I should always enjoy it. Right? … More info

The 4 reasons why Yoga can help get you pregnant!

As you know I am lucky enough to have hundreds of loyal lovely yoga students come to Positive Balance yoga every term. I am absolutely committed to my … More info

“I’m too inflexible to learn yoga” and The Cover Story

I hear this reasonably regularly when people are contemplating the Beginners Course, and this is what I have learned: “Honey, the only thing that is … More info

My global pick and mix of yoga

I get asked a lot: there as so many different styles of yoga...where does Positive Balance fit in? Well...there’s a very easy answer to that. I … More info

Mono-Tasking…disconnecting to find connection.

A good friend and I went off to a yoga retreat last weekend. It was in a remote hostel outside Inglewood, which is outside of New Plymouth, in the … More info

Win a free term of yoga or a free life coaching session!

Win free yoga term or free life coaching session

I'd love to know what you think of your yoga classes, your life coaching sessions and the wellbeing blogs. I am pleased to offer you the chance to win … More info

Lose the shoes: 10 simple ways to feel more peaceful right now.

Lose the shoes for inner peace

Yoga is great of course for reconnecting (or discovering!) the inner peace we all have inside, but it’s not the only way. Here are 10 more simple ways … More info

Mother Nature is one smart lady…

Straight off the bat in the Introduction to all my new Beginners Yoga Courses as I outline to the new students how to look after their bodies and get … More info