May 25, 2020

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Living Your Passion

Living Your Passion

Many people are itching to do something different and Live Their Passion. A new career. Run their own business. A new industry completely. Work from … More info

“I Don’t Like Conflict” : the secrets to getting unstuck

“I Don’t Like Conflict” and other lies that keep us stuck.

This is hands-down one of the most common reasons I see that people are unhappy. That they are tolerating something crappy in their life. Crappy … More info

How to use mental Judo to tackle scary challenges

We went and supported some friend’s kids at the regional championships last weekend. Never been to watch judo before.  Fascinating. Some of the … More info

Imposter Syndrome. What is it and do you have it?

When someone asks me to guest post or speak at their event or whatever I occasionally get this little inner freak out that goes something like “Who am … More info

What a frog can teach you about happiness

There is an anecdote about boiling a frog that I kind of like. It’s from the 1800’s when experiments of this type were much in vogue. The premise is … More info

Comfort Zones and Comfy Pants

Want to know where the magic in life happens? I’ll tell you where it doesn’t happen: it doesn’t happen in comfy pants on the sofa. It happens in … More info

Either you count, or nobody counts

It’s been a crazy busy couple of weeks, you know how it is in the run up to Christmas! I have been juggling my diary frantically with all my wonderful … More info

Liquid Luck

I am secretly a Harry Potter junkie. I love what J K Rowling has achieved. I love that her first advance was just $1500 and she was rejected by over a … More info

My 40 Splendid Truths Of Being Grown Up.

My good friend at home just sent me this photo in my birthday card. We are about 20, very drunk and laughing our heads off. Wow…I look so young! I … More info

Are you a People Pleaser?

Did you see this interview with the incredibly talented singer Adele (watch her perform here) on Jonathon Ross on Friday night? I must confess I have … More info