October 22, 2019

For the first time in a long time I started to be able to look forward

I honestly didn’t know what to expect as it's not something I ever considered myself doing, after my first meeting with Louise the pressure that had … More info

Stop thinking about it and go for it!

To anyone that is thinking about Life Coaching stop thinking about it and go for it! It’s important that you connect with your coach but I can … More info

I am so much happier than I have been in years

This Life Coaching experience totally exceeded my expectations!  It has been so valuable to me - the best investment ever in my life!  It helped me to … More info

A difficult period at work

You helped me cope with a difficult period at work and gave me confidence in myself and my abilities; you also gave me practical steps and tools to … More info

Given me tools and strength that will stay with me for the rest of my life

With a decision to try coaching I expected to build up my confidence, figure out why I felt lost and find a way out of that place. My coaching … More info

Awesome feedback from an adrenal fatigue client

What did you expect from your Life Coaching experience? Did it meet your expectations? I expected help with the mental aspect of adrenal fatigue … More info

I have TIME, I have CONTROL, and I have FUN doing it and planning the future!

It has been an amazing time with you and I was actually grieving a little after our last session... let's talk about emotional independence :-D And … More info

Love your column in Bite magazine

My name is Sarah and I work at the NZ Herald - first let me say that I really love your column in Bite magazine. It's the only thing I've ever read … More info

Life coaching with Louise is a 360 degree package

Life Coaching with Louise can change your life if you are ready for it and want it.  You don't just go to a one hour session for coaching.  You get … More info

The knowledge and value I have gained is priceless!!!

What did you expect from your Life Coaching experience? Did it meet your expectations? Yes it exceeded my expectations! I was hoping to get … More info