October 22, 2019

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Staying in a friends house over the break I walk into the bathroom and the mirror started to speak to me. “ Helllllllllo” it purrs in a Austin Powers … More info

Comfort Zones and Comfy Pants

Want to know where the magic in life happens? I’ll tell you where it doesn’t happen: it doesn’t happen in comfy pants on the sofa. It happens in … More info

Time to Shine

I popped home to the UK in October, and went to visit my very good friend Lizzie : we met on the first day of Uni and were inseperable from that day. … More info

Either you count, or nobody counts

It’s been a crazy busy couple of weeks, you know how it is in the run up to Christmas! I have been juggling my diary frantically with all my wonderful … More info

Are you a People Pleaser?

Did you see this interview with the incredibly talented singer Adele (watch her perform here) on Jonathon Ross on Friday night? I must confess I have … More info

Are you Wired Tired or Inspired Tired?

This week’s wellbeing post is inspired by this weeks sessions with two of my amazing clients who are recovering nicely from their Adrenal Fatigue as … More info

Do you want fries with that?

An embarrassing wee incident in Salvador (northern Brazil) airport has got me thinking. We were pretty tight for time and ordered a couple of burgers … More info

Worry no more!

Simple, funny and wise. All my favourite things in one. Life is simple really: Let me know your thoughts...   … More info

Wasted Time or Play Time?

Play Time

There is a common complaint that I notice with many of my coaching clients, especially those who are tired (or suffering from Adrenal Fatigue / … More info

Stress Newsflash! Stress that is good for you…

Newsflash: stress has only existed for 80 years. Did you know the term stress was only ever applied to things pre 1930’s? It referred to a load on say … More info