October 22, 2019

Instant Anxiety Reduction – Bam!

When life gets frantic and we feel anxiety creeping in, it can paralyse us and make even the simplest decisions reeeeeeeeeeally hard! We can feel this … More info

How to make peace with your To Do List

Personally I love a good list. Actually, if I am honest what I really love is crossing things off my list, rather than the list itself. Frankly the … More info

How not to let the break up break you: 7 ways to be happily single

Full disclosure: I absolutely believe that there is someone out there for everyone. Not a “I’ll settle” person, not a “that’s who is left so they’ll … More info

Is this an error message or good advice?

Yesterday, typing away, an update on my beloved Mac Air went wonky and my laptop said "Would you like to continue in Safe mode?" I'm like...yes, yes … More info

The permission slip

wellbeing, life work balance, life coaching, wellbeing coaching

I notice a lot with my clients that a big part of my job seems to be about giving people permission: Permission to have fun Permission to say … More info

Is Yoga For You? The 6 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself For A Personal Wellbeing Revolution.

Is Yoga For You? The 6 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself For A Personal Wellbeing Revolution.

I am about all things wellbeing as you know, and next week's blog will be back to the mental side of wellbeing. The inspirational thoughts and tips … More info

5 Unexpected Things Yoga Taught Me

One of the aspects I love about yoga is that it gives us what we NEED, not necessarily what we WANT, or what we signed up for. I have lost count over … More info

I found the progression of your beginners classes ideal

Just a quick note to say a huge thank you for beginners yoga course I completed last term.  I have 'dabbled' in yoga classes for the last couple of … More info

Time to Shine

I popped home to the UK in October, and went to visit my very good friend Lizzie : we met on the first day of Uni and were inseperable from that day. … More info

Interview with Karen Braund – Positive Balance’s Monday morning Intermediate yoga teacher

How did you come to yoga? I’ve always been the sort of person that likes to keep fit and to be healthy. I was a regular at the gym, but I hadn’t … More info