March 18, 2018

Coaching FAQ

Coaching is via skype or in person (depending on where you are, I have clients 2 minutes down the road and clients who are 6000 miles away!) with sessions lasting either 55 minutes . Your first session is preceded with pre-work, and each session will involve as much homework/play as you choose to keep the learning/growth/action/results happening between sessions.

This is a great question, in a nutshell this is the difference:

Essentially a Life Coach is to Therapist what a Personal Trainer is to a Doctor. A doctor helps sick people get well, a personal trainer helps well people to get their best body possible.  A therapist helps sick people get well, a life coach helps well people get the best and happiest life possible. It’s a quite different focus:

Therapy focuses on recovery from old wounds. Life Coaching focuses on evolving and moving forward toward joy and happiness.

Therapists are experts in medical sciences and diagnosing conditions. Life Coaches are experts in developing their clients’ strengths, talents and potential.

Therapy is geared towards clients in crisis, pain and suffering. Life Coaching is for individuals who have accepted their past, have taken responsibility for their lives and are ready to move fully into their future.


If you are ready to move forward into the fabulous future that is waiting for you, then I am the coach for you!

It varies on the change you are looking for. Most clients find a quick burst of 5 sessions gets them to where they need to be, others realise that they need to integrate change over a longer period of months and others have something very specific we can gain clarity on in just one or two sessions.  I simply suggest my clients stay with me as long as they love the coaching, and are getting much MORE value than the money they’re paying.

I’m proud to say that I’m the only New Zealander so far to have received an Accredited Life Coach Certification from Martha Beck, the life coach columnist for O: The Oprah Magazine and author of numerous bestselling books on the subject. Martha is amazing and it was an incredible experience to learn from her. She is the most respected and renowned coach in the US. She also has 3 degrees from Harvard, is super bright, full of energy, integrity and utterly hilarious. My rigorous certification process has allowed me to combine a toolkit of innovative coaching techniques with my intuition and insights derived from my BSc. Honours degree in Psychology (Southampton University in the UK) as well as from life in general.

Post certification I am in touch daily with a supportive network of top Martha Beck coaches around the globe sharing the latest developments, tools and techniques.

What can I say… I am an early adopter! There are Martha Beck coaches helping clients round the world, US, Canada, South Africa, UK, etc … I am proud to be the first to bring this effective, proven style of coaching to Kiwi’s who are ready and willing to live their best lives!

You betcha! I totally believe in the power of coaching. My coach is amazing! She is in the US and we speak each fortnight via Skype. She keeps me on track and dishes out an equal measure of inspiration and kicking my butt as required!

This is different for each client. Most often I hear words like: challenge, accountability, direction, inspiration, focus, sounding board, support and validation. The bottom line is, we’re normally after a specific result that makes a difference in your life. You can hear what my clients say here.

Professional Coaching is one-on-one fee based work, like say, Personal Training or, say, Tax Advice and is charged in the same ball park. Your sessions are 100% about you and tailored specifically to what is going on in your life and the specific changes you want to make. They include pre-work and homework/homeplay to ensure you keep that momentum for the change you are after between sessions. You do not need to commit to a package or sign a contract.

55 minute coaching session       $150

To put it in perspective think about how much have you spent on the wardrobe of clothes you don’t wear or the gym membership you don’t use or the treats you buy to distract you from being so unhappy in your job? Quality coaching is around the same cost as sessions with a good personal trainer… but it’s a personal trainer for your mind. The brain is the most powerful organ in the body, not, you know, your abs, so isn’t that the most sensible place to invest and make that permanent difference to your weight, your career or your life/work balance? You really can have the life you want: I am here to help you make that happen!

I will……

  • Positively affirm the principles of coaching – confidentiality, being non- judgemental, listening very carefully, explaining and asking permission to use a particular technique or exercise to motivate you or raise awareness.
  • Make sure we are right for each other, and if not, I can recommend other great coaches.
  • Give you tools for life that you can use on an ongoing basis.
  • Look at your values and beliefs that may have been inhibiting your progress and keeping you stuck.
  • Challenge your comfort zone.
  • Have fun!
  • Watch for dips in motivation, and boost your confidence.
  • Support you to develop a plan of action, and re-assess it, for each session and to check you are still on track to achieve your overall goal.
  • Set you a simple homework task after each session to keep you focused.
  • Offer you e-mail support between sessions.

Who are your clients?

I find my weight loss clients are mainly women, and that they have been struggling with diets and their weight for as long as they can remember! Career clients are men or women, and usually fall into a couple of groups… one group who want to progress faster in the career they are in and want clear direction and coaching in how to go about that, and the other half want to get the hell out of their career and need coaching on following their passion either in a completely different career direction or starting their own business. Other clients tend to be workaholics or those with significant family responsibilities looking for tools to effectively improve their work/life balance and live the life they love with more energy and fulfillment. I also help clients suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Adrenal fatigue recover and regain their energy and zest for life.

There are several things my clients have in common:

  • Smart, successful people who understand the value of objective and supportive insight
  • Willing to do the mental work required to achieve the change they desire
  • Genuine desire for change… they want that end result, to look and feel fabulous/great life/work balance/awesome career
  • Have a great sense of humour: we laugh alot as we work hard!
  • Are no longer prepared to accept anything but the best for themselves
  • Prepared to dedicate the time and emotional energy to the process
  • Funny, smart, committed, forward thinking.
  • Are more than willing to invest $150 to experience all the positive changes coaching can help them make

I am ready to make changes in my life for the better…how do I book?

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