April 24, 2018


CongruenceBig Word.

Big Impact.

What is it? And why should it matter to you? Well lean in darling, listen closer… I want to talk about congruence today and why it’s the number one reason you are not getting what you want in your life.

If you are not enjoying the amount of money you have in your life, you probably have a congruence issue.

If your body does not look and feel like you want it to feel, you probably have a congruence issue.

If your work-life balance and stress levels are not where you want them to be, you probably have a congruence issue.

Congruence. Agreement. Harmony. Corresponding. Alignment.

I see lack of congruence all the time.

The woman who wants very much to have more money, but who also believes that rich people are selfish.

The guy who is way overweight and wants to be slim and fit but also believes that eating healthy is too hard and expensive.

The woman who wants more free time and relaxation but who also believes that everything has to be done perfectly and you can’t relax until it’s done.

Listen up, yo!

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