December 15, 2017

Courage or Comfort

Courage or Comfort Here’s a question I hear a lot:

“How do I know it’s time to move jobs/country/city/relationship? How do I know it’s right? I’m really scared if I make this move it might not work out for me”.

Such is the concern when we dance on the edge of a precipice of a life-changing choice, either large or small. It’s my privilege and honour to hold the hands many smart men and women as they make some awe-inspiring choices of change for the better.

Great change is often accompanied by this one great question: “How do I know it’s right?” and the simple statement of truth “but…I’m scared”.

How do we get past this?

The thing to know when you are facing any great change is this: do not get your sense of “rightness” mixed up with the emotion of fear. Try and separate the two.

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