April 24, 2018

Enjoying the additional advanced poses in Intermediate class

Once again order has restored, I am back into my yoga term and feel a sense of calm knowing I can look forward to “me” time not just once a week, but several now. Even my husband can see the benefits of my new yoga routine on the happiness front and actively encouraged me to join the super duper bendy option. I think I have discovered “my thing which I have clicked with”.

I had the first intermediate session last night and after a few weeks of in-between terms doing nothing really on the exercise front (unless you count elbow to mouth action of stuffing myself with food and drink with friends) I thought I might struggle with the intermediate class. I was pleased I survived that and found it refreshing to see that there were also additional “advanced” poses. I can see how your clients could get addicted to the sessions.

I tried practicing my yoga moves out of class in the beginners term and my 2 yr old didn’t want to be left out and started touching her toes which then moved into rollie pollies, who knows she might not have to wait years to discover the benefits of yoga.

Thank you,

Fiona Garrett

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