May 26, 2017

Exclusive Positive Balance Yoga Pants by HardTail Yoga Clothing

These pants have been soooo popular this term we have exhausted our stocks.  Only 2 pairs of large pants in stock (Nov 28th)!!!!  I’ll update this page as soon as our new stock arrives but at this stage hold fire … the old trackies may have to suffice for a wee bit longer. 

We are super-excited to announce that Laurie from HardTail has designed EXCLUSIVE Positive Balance Yoga Pants! Not available to buy anywhere else, these Long Black Pants feature a roll-over band at the top and a beautiful embroidered design in Positive Balance Pink!

Pants are available in S, M & L and are NZ$120 including postage and packaging.
In terms of sizing Louise is a medium so that should help you gauge the size!

We have had SO many positive comments about the Hard Tail pants from our students, that we just know that you will love these. They feel supportive (especially around the belly!) and move beautifully in your postures, as well as being cool enough to wear out after class in a way that your old trackies just don’t! These are the pants to make you look as good on the outside as you feel on the inside.

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