April 24, 2018

A simple exercise to find your silver lining

6a00d83451b44369e200e54f73cf858834-800wi“Everywhere you go, always take the weather with you…everywhere you go, always take the weather”                                  ~Crowded House, 1991.

This lyric from Crowded House always reminds me of the following fabulous (sadly anonymous) quote:

Peace does not mean to be in a place without trouble or hard work, peace is to be amidst all those things and be calm in your heart.


I just love that.

Basically it’s a reminder that how we feel about any external event and circumstance…the rain; the computer crashing; what our grumpy boss says….is an internal choice. We have a choice to let stuff ruin our day, or not. Our peace and happiness is something that resides within us and we can tap into at all times. What meaning we choose to attach to an external event is our choice, we can choose to observe it with as much neutrality as we can….rain is good for the garden; computer rebooting gives me 10 minutes to call my mum; the boss is having a bad hair day; nothing to do with me….and keep our focus on carrying our own internal sunshine with us.

Try this simple exercise: sit quietly, close your eyes and think about a beautiful sunshiny happy memory…make it really rich…where were you, who were you with, how did the sun feel on your skin, the grass beneath your feet, the smell of the salt or the sandwiches, wind in your hair…turn up the dial of intensity, immerse yourself in this memory…feel yourself smile spontaneously.

When the next external bummer happens, the traffic is bad, things are not going as you expect…take a moment to take yourself back to your sunshiny memory…and bring the energy and peace you feel inside to bear in your current situation. Literally take the weather with you, we can choose to have more sunshine inside every day whatever the forecast.

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