October 19, 2018

Have your chocolate and eat it! A clients weight loss story

Diets we are all sadly too familiar with I know, but coaching to lose weight? How does that work? Well, I thought I would share the experience of one of my clients with you. Tamsin is a fabulous 60 years young and she has made amazing progress and is now looking very slinky and slim indeed (loved seeing the new outfits that started appearing towards the end of our time working together!). This is her experience of her struggle (boo!) and triumph (yay!) with her weight…

“ For years I was struggling with my ever increasing weight”. Little by little the kilo’s crept up on me.

I tried all sorts of eating plans and costly gym memberships and had moments of success, but the weight would always return. Everyone had their own theories of why this was happening and the general opinion was that because I was female and over 50, that I had to accept my increasing girth and not a lot could be done about it. A fact of life I’ve been told. Another fascinating theory was that it was actually good for me to hold this extra padding, just in case I fell sick!

I would start each week with firm pledges, “this week, I will watch my eating….this week, I will get out of bed every morning and walk”.  Another week would go by, and it was always on the list for “next week”. I was setting myself up to fail and lacked motivation to do anything about this problem.

In desperation, one afternoon I was browsing over the Positive Balance website, and sent an email to Louise regarding Weight Loss coaching. It was very much a spur of the moment thing and I thought I need to do something, anything is worth a try. The rest is history! I have managed to drop over 10% of my body weight and I have attained my goal! And it was much easier than   I expected!

Louise is a wonderful, personable coach and in extremely knowledgeable in her field. The techniques and methods she applies make weight loss achievable. There are no gimmicks, just a basic method of listening to your own body, but the best bit is, IT WORKS! At no time have I felt like I am depriving myself or that this is difficult to do.  With weight loss coaching with Louise I have found my weight loss goal easy to achieve and I know it’s a life long change”.

Why did the coaching work so well for Tamsin? Because

  • She really wanted to lose weight
  • She was open and honest with me and herself
  • She really wanted to learn the Mind-Body weightloss tools and tricks and applied them
  • She was diligent at doing her homework
  • She was lots of fun and a pleasure to work with!

If you are sick of diets and want to try something new to lose those stubborn kilos, you can read more here or just fix up an initial consultation with me. And yes, don’t worry…you CAN still eat chocolate!