October 19, 2019

Hidden Passion

So many people are desperate to find their passion. Where is it? Where could it be hiding? Why does Hidden Passioneveryone else know what theirs is and I don’t?

It’s an excellent question and a lifetime quest for many.

In my opinion, we all DO know what our passion is. It has just got buried very deep for many under years and layers of social convention. Familial expectation. Rampant perfectionism. Societal obligation. But it’s there. It’s ALWAYS there. Once you start to peel back the layers, it’s always lurking inside. The mistake most people make is that they start their quest looking out there, way out there, for it. They look for clues and pointers in the outside world or in other people who seem to have got all worked out and who’s carefully curated social media lives look so effortless and perfect. No hassles. Ease and flow, fun, passion and connection all the way.

The thing is, this outward focus sets us off with a wrong steer in three ways. Firstly – the answer to finding your passion does not lie outside of you. It lies deep deep within. The answer is to be found by amping up your connection with yourself and peeling back those layers that have got in the way and disconnected you from what makes your soul sing, not with endlessly scanning a search light in what others have found.

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