October 19, 2019

High-Quality Yes. High-Quality No.

A very wise boss of mine once said back in the day in the midst of my mad corporate lifestyle in London: “If you say yes to everything Louise, what is your yes worth?”High-Quality Yes vs High-Quality no

It’s a very good question.

I am still a recovering People Pleaser. Hell, we all want to be liked, right? It can be so easy to say “yes” to taking on that thing/helping out with that other thing/staying late for that thing/missing the thing you really want to do to allow someone else to do their thing…the list goes on. People pleasing – it’s a succession of yeses.

So. Here’s the thing.

It’s a mighty fine question to ask oneself: “If I say yes to almost everything, what is my yes really worth?”

Just thinking about this can allow you to start saying no to more stuff, which reduces overwhelm. And it starts to correct balance. Hurrah to all of that.

However, I think we can take it further. Let’s look not just at the quantity of stuff we stay yes to, and reducing that for reasons of balance and sanity. To really make effective change in our lives we need to look not just at the quantity of our yeses and no’s but at the quality too.

What’s the quality of my Yes?

What’s the quality of my No?

What do I mean by that? The quality?

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