October 22, 2019

How To Be Successful At Anything

How To Be Successful At AnythingHow does any one get to be really good at anything?

Look at the people you admire in any given field. Not necessarily famous people, or awards winners or whatever – just successful people. How do they get to be so successful? What’s the common theme that connects them? The winning golfer and the Onto It Mum, the high flying exec and the leading lady?

It’s very simple.

They focus on Their Own Stuff.

Which bit of your life are you doing really well in? Guaranteed that’s the area where you are focussing hardest on Your Own Stuff. Happy marriage – bet you are focused on loving communication, and date nights or whatever works for you. Fit, strong body? Sure as eggs are eggs, you are focused on eating well most of the time, getting organised to put healthy meals together, and make exercise a regular thing. Focused on Your Own Stuff. Beautiful immaculate home? I guarantee you make time to organise the plumber to fix the leak pronto. You clean or get it cleaned regularly. You fix up little maintenance issues as they arise. All. Your. Own. Stuff.

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