October 19, 2019

How to Declutter The Most Important Space Of All

How to Declutter The Most Important Space Of All	Loving hearing all the fabulous feedback on our Decluttering Series. It just shows you don’t have to be lazy and wait for New Year to make change. You can shift how you feel RIGHT NOW! These are the things you have been telling me as you chuck stuff away:

  • I feel LIGHTER!
  • It feels FREEING!
  • It feels GOOD!
  • My MIND feels so much CLEARER!

Letting go of stuff that is holding us back (that we often don’t even realise is holding us back!) is an amazing process. There will be an internal mirroring of the process you are undertaking outside. You will be simultaneously getting rid of:

  • Old negative thought patterns
  • Unhelpful outdated beliefs
  • Painful memories that make you angry or sad or scared

Some of these internal blockages will start to subtly change and release their grip on you because of your external decluttering process. It’s a personal growth by stealth.  As you throw things out of your physical space you are also creating mental and emotional space in your head and your heart. So if you are “feeling stuck” in any area of your life you should absolutely be following this process, it will help in ways you can’t anticipate!

So…what’s the next step?

So far we have covered:

#1 – Declutter your Living Space

#2  – Declutter your Digital Space

#3  – Declutter your Wardrobe/Closet – your Identity Space

and now…very important…last but certainly not least…

#4 – Declutter your Internal Space – your BODY

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