April 24, 2018

How to dial down the Christmas stress

How to dial down the Christmas stressA quick google on a “stress free Christmas” will get you a fantastic list of sites stating the obvious. Startlingly informative gems such as:

“Set a budget and stick to it”
“Shop off peak”
“Make a list of all the gifts and food you wish to buy and shop early.”
“Bring a plate”

And my personal favourite
“Make a list”

Phew! No idea how I’d have made though the silly season without THAT advice. It’s right up there with “Eat Less, and Move More!” as a weight loss tip.

As you know we like to do things differently round here! So here are a few top tips which incorporate the place where all stress starts – our mind and thoughts. This is a handy checklist for when you are seeing red, and it’s not just Santa come down the chimney early.

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