February 16, 2019

How To Exercise easily EVERY Day Without Stressing Out Or Freaking Out

Tweet: How To Exercise easily EVERY Day Without Stressing Out http://ctt.ec/6TYXi+ ‎@FlexHappy @shinebright“I can’t get out of bed” she says. “I so want to get up and exercise, and also have some creative time, I work weekends now so there is no time to paint, and also I’d like to have my own business one day so I can be more creatively fulfilled and not have to get up so early for work – work to my own schedule. I have all these good intentions but I just can’t get out of bed in the morning! The night before I promise myself…but then in the morning I just hit snooze…”

Sound familiar? Whether it’s fitting in the stuff we want at the start or the end of the working day, finding that life-work balance that actually works for us can be really elusive. It’s especially tricky when it comes to exercise so that’s what we are going to focus on today. A few simple tweaks in the way you think and you will be able to break through those blocks and build a habit as a regular exerciser. Yes really darling, YOU! Here you go, this is what you need to know:

  1. If you body keeps telling you that you need more sleep or you are exhausted that’s important information. Hitting snooze repeatedly every day is a message you need to rest more. Go see your GP, get checked for anaemia and other causes of fatigue. If they can’t find anything and you still feel routinely too exhausted PLEASE check if Adrenal Fatigue is your issue on this handy quiz here, and if so get the help you need from my book, e-programme and supplements. I lived with it for YEARS because I didn’t know there was action I could take! Don’t let that be you.
  2. Assuming you have done the above and physically you are in good shape, the second thing you need to do is WORK WITH YOUR OWN BODY CLOCK. There is a real culture of getting up early, going to bed early in New Zealand. Which is absolutely fantastic if you are also a natural Early Bird! Lots of company at the 6am gym session! Go YOU! Take that natural early morning energy and run with it baby, that’s awesome. If, however, you are a natural Night Owl then flogging yourself to get out of bed at 5.15am each morning is going to feel really bad. It’s not lack of willpower, it’s just your body is not built that way. So, work with what you have and figure out a plan where you can get some of what you need later in the day, or only a set number of mornings that are super early starts. You need to honour and work with YOUR body’s natural body clock, not what some magazine tells you about “getting exercise out of the way first thing!! “Lalalaa!!!” I am a Night Owl myself and so my best exercise time is 4.30pm in the afternoon – I structure my whole day around that. My most creative time is first thing in the morning – that’s when I do my writing – I structure my day around that. As much as you can, with the logistics you have, structure your day around your optimum body clock. It’s truly AMAZING how much difference that makes to your energy levels.
  3. Look at where you are setting the exercise bar…my honeychild client, bless her sweet socks, was expecting herself to get up at 5am every day to work out before work, and get some creative time squeezed in. She made the classic mistake we make when we are setting ourselves some sort of personal goal, especially around exercise. WE SET THE BAR TOO HIGH. We set the bar at what we expect of ourselves on our BEST DAY. On a day where the sun is shining, and the kids are little angels, and the husband packed the packed lunches the night before (whaaat?!), and the traffic is amazing, and we had a super early night and no alcohol and slept like a baby … then, THAT DAY we could do the 5am start no problem! Thing is – life doesn’t roll like that  – and so – we miss the 5am, and then the next day, and then we feel like a failure, and then we hate on ourselves and then it just stops happening. That feeling of failure KILLS IT.


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