April 24, 2018

How To Love Your Body

Tweet: How to love your body http://ctt.ec/9xTz2+ @FlexHappy #wellbeingHere’s a statement I really want you to consider.

Hating your body will never get you as far as loving it will.

We are surrounded by messages of “not thin enough!!!!” and “too thin!!!!” – the line between which seems increasingly thin itself if the women’s weekly magazine market is anything to go by.

This media soup we swim in of body image transmission is a tricky sea to navigate.

It encourages a continual mental dialogue of comparisonitus.

It’s pretty much totally unhelpful, because we are always going to come off worst on something when we are comparing ourselves to a myriad of images of people 20 years younger who have access to a full time personal chef and personal trainer, and who have also been liberally photoshopped.

We can’t compete. Obviously! WE KNOW THAT. Right?

Like I know you know that. I know you know you can’t compete with a photoshopped image of Jessica Alba in a bikini.

I know that. You know that.

Logically we are all totally on the same page there.

And yet? And yet, in our heads we do.

The restless whispers of “not enough”.

Not thin enough
Not toned enough
Not eating well enough
Not exercising enough
Not stylish enough
Not dewy and fresh enough
God, it goes on and on.

This creates a poisonous mental dialogue – I know we don’t say this stuff out loud – but believe me we are saying it silently in our minds.

Well…that’s okay, right? No one can hear that?

Actually yes – someone IS listening to that stream of destructive Smack Talk in our heads.

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