February 16, 2019

How to Stop Being Resentful About Stuff

Resentment neutralises joy, like a poisonous potion that dissolves all the happiness it finds in its path. Resentment is insidious, creeping and expansive. The more resentful we are, the more things we find to be resentful about. We can become resentful of the incessant demands on our time, energy and attention made by inconsiderate others or life in general. It is very easy for a low grade of resentment to be running in the background of our life pretty much permanently.

Resentment is more than just sadness or anger at something not going our way. At its core it stems from a subtle feeling of injustice. That things should not have gone the way they did, and that they are not fair to us on some level. It’s that feeling of injustice that is really hard to let go of. Resentment can fester over a really long period, right from childhood, and it then provides a distorted lens through which we observe our day to day interactions.

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