October 19, 2019

How To Stop Negative People From Bursting Your Bubble – Part 2

Burst Bubble - Part 2

This week is part 2 of my “How to stop negative people from bursting your bubble” blog. Read the first part of this blog here.

5. Get qualified expert opinion that you can use with discernment.

This is expert opinion that you are probably paying for or is at a professional level at least. Maybe it’s your Bank Manager, or it’s an architect, or it’s the coordinator of the teacher training course. Ask lots of questions – resolve your doubts in qualified opinion and facts. Get as much data as you need, refine it, ask questions, and then use it with discernment.

6. When people pour cold water on your shiny new plan, it often says waaaaaaaaaay more about where they are at in life than it does about your plan.

Basically – it’s their stuff they are projecting. So, maybe they are really risk adverse and so the idea of selling up and moving to the country or changing careers radically is terrifying for THEM. That’s fine, for THEM – but it doesn’t mean those moves are inherently risky or terrifying in any way for YOU. Also – it can bring up a load of insecurities – say you do sign up to do that marathon or whatever, then that can make them feel like they should get their ass off the couch too, and they don’t want to be your fat friend. It might be completely subconscious and unintentional, but your shiny new plan is knocking up against their own insecurities, and they don’t want to take action themselves. It would be altogether much easier if you just put your trainers away and didn’t do the marathon after all, thanks very much. To calm their own insecurities the easiest thing for them is if you shelve your plan.

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