October 19, 2019

Is this the year you finally learn to love your body?

Portrait of happy woman on the beachWould you like this year to be the “Year Of Your Best Body?” Of course! Who wouldn’t. No shortage of ways to achieve that right now! Maybe the route to the YOYBB might be the 6am bootcamp signup? Maybe it’s quitting sugar? Perhaps it’s the personal trainer to drive up the skill and motivation levels? Maybe it’s going vegan. Or at least vegetarian. Pescetarian then. (Apart from chicken) (obviously). Okay, so no red meat, that’s good, right? And the green juicing. Yes. YOYBB has GOT to be starting the day with freshly squeezed kale. For sure! The 5:2 plan is still really current isn’t it? It works too, doesn’t it? I overheard someone say that at the hairdressers. Could go paleo of course. And Crossfit. But then that’s going to conflict with the vegan plan. Or does it?

How confusing IS all this stuff?!

So many options.

How are we supposed to choose?

And then – how are we supposed to stick with it, if it get’s hard, and boring and the YOYBB seems like a pipe dream?

It’s actually so much simpler than we make it. And, it all starts with something that is free. It is this:

The Year Of Your Best Body will be the year you learn to love it, truly love it.

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