April 24, 2018

It’s all about you and your goals

Positive Balance Yoga classes are just amazing. I first joined up because I had terrible Achilles tendon pain, it was so bad I could hardly walk after sitting down for a few minutes. I went to a sports specialist and they gave me exercises to do, unfortunately it did nothing. So after 6 months I searched on the web to find a suitable remedy …. Yes YOGA!!!! I joined Positive Balance and after the first beginners class I felt wonderful and left the class with a spring in my step. In my younger days I did a lot of weight lifting, although I stretched religiously after training it still wasn’t quite enough. I can now tell you that I don’t have any problems at all with my Achilles tendon and now run around like a Gazelle. There are days I get home from work and I’m just exhausted but I can guarantee by the time I’ve finished yoga with Louise at Positive Balance I feel revitalized. I’m amazed at all the different types of people that join the classes men, women, young and more mature like myself, all shapes and sizes, in doesn’t matter because it’s all about you, your goals and at a pace that suits you. I highly recommend Positive Balance.  You’ve got to come along to the beginners class you will feel the benefits after the first class.

Lynda Heimsath
Rated 3/3

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