October 22, 2019

Living Your Passion

Living Your PassionMany people are itching to do something different and Live Their Passion. A new career. Run their own business. A new industry completely. Work from home. Re-train in something totally unexpected. Live my passion! Live the Dream! Nail that Life Work Balance!

They talk about this much. Much much talk. But ultimately, very little do.

Don’t get me wrong. There is definitely a time for talking. For planning. For researching. For figuring out finances. For considering pros and cons. For weighing up smart, pragmatic decisions.

But then there is a time for action.

And it’s at this point of action that most dreams of Living Their Passion get completely stalled. The dream becomes ever more mirage-like as it shimmers tantalisingly out of reach. The talking continues. But quieter now.

What’s the stalling about?

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