May 24, 2020

Meet Carly

Hi everyone, I’m Carly!

It has a long held dream for me to own a practice that nourishes both my life and the lives of others.

It’s a commitment for me to not only continue to keep myself well and have yoga in mine and my family’s life, but also the chance to share this incredible practice and lifestyle with you.

Many of you have been coming to Positive Balance since it started in 2005! Amazing! So you already know firsthand the benefits of yoga.

For me, I only discovered it about 5 years ago, at a class I got to attend in beautiful Byron Bay. It was the first time I’d ever been away from my young kids and had time to just be me.

I’d tried yoga years earlier, but hadn’t quite found the right teacher/space/time table/class, but after this retreat, I was absolutely sold.

For me, being on the mat is the ultimate “me time”. Better than any facial or massage! It’s a chance to truly switch off and feel my body, calm my breath and still my mind.

I took the next step and trained as a yoga teacher in 2015, and after this, I knew I had to teach, to share my love of yoga.

I love to see people come into class a bit rattled and frantic (me too!), and leave absolutely blissed out. It makes my heart sing!

A little bit about me personally – I am married to Dave, and we have three kids Tilly (7), Jude (5) and brand new Freddie (4 months).

I’m a journalist, broadcaster and tele host – my career is my other passion.

Life is BUSY and while I wish I was able to commit to getting on my mat every day like many yogis, I instead have to settle for yoga “snacks”.. just little bits of yoga where and when I can! Often I do this with Freddie on my knees riding aeroplane style!

I KNOW life is busy, I KNOW yoga makes me a better person – a calmer mum, more focussed worker, a more relaxed wife, better eater, sleeper.. the list goes on!

I’d love to hear from YOU about anything you love, or would like to see more of/added to/changed, so come say hi if you see me in class, or flick me an email anytime! [email protected]

If you’re confused about which class/style might suit you – just get in touch!

Really looking forward to seeing you on the mat soon

Stay well, and healthy and look after yourselves!


Carly x