October 19, 2018

One Simple Tool for a Stress Free Day

6 Impossible thingsDo you ever wake up and feel like you are behind before you have even started your day?


All the time right?!

Talk about setting ourselves up for a day of stress – it’s the inevitable result of that kind of start. If we are running late and overwhelmed whilst we are still in our pyjamas, then there is only one way that day is going to unfold!

I have a lot of very cool projects on right now – and it’s fair to say I’m working hard, which is fine because I love what I do. But I was starting to notice I was getting really cross with myself for not getting through all I wanted to at the end of each day – loads of outstanding tasks and items. And yes – before you ask – I am a wicked delegator – I have Justine and a team of elves helping me – so I am already REALLY GOOD at delegating stuff that’s not my aptitude. Techy stuff, bookkeeping, scheduling, all that kind of stuff I am very lucky not to have to do – so I can keep myself clear for the stuff I love – coaching my VIP Happiness Hackers, working with my amazing Wellbeing Warriors and writing and speaking – the creative stuff – that’s where I am best spending my time. So – I ALREADY have a ruthlessly structured diary with set hours for coaching, writing, meetings and so on – even so – I was starting to feel increasingly under the gun. Behind before I even started the day! What was THAT about?

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