October 19, 2018

Open Letter To All The Beautiful Women Out There Who Are Doing Their Best

Open Letter To All The Beautiful Women Out There Who Are Doing Their BestDear beautiful laydeez – and by that I mean all of you! We are all beautiful in our own unique way. Yes darling, even, and especially, YOU.

I want to say this: let’s end the madness! The Great Female Judgment Madness MerryGoRound. This is what I see in my seminars, events, and coaching room. I see:

  • Working Mothers feeling like they are falling short because they are not spending enough time doing the mothering thing.
  • Stay At Home Mothers feeling like they are inadequate on some level because they are not doing the working thing and financially contributing.
  • No Kids (yet, or ever) Women feeling like they are failing somehow for working and not having (or being able to have) kids and be part of the traditional thing.


Enough already.

All this crazy JUDGING of our perceived failings and inadequacies needs to stop!

There is another way. We need to stop doing this to ourselves and to each other. The two are directly correlated. The harder we are on each other, the harder we are on ourselves.  And I see that women seem to do it a lot more than men. There is much more of a culture of judgment in the sisterhood than outside it. When did we get so hard on ourselves and each other? Men do not seem to judge each other or themselves anywhere near as often or as harshly. When was the last time you heard a male executive interviewed and asked how he manages to “balance family responsibilities with the job?” Exactly.

Here is the thing about endlessly passing judgment and coming up wanting on our choices:

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