October 19, 2019

Overcoming Procrastination ~ Part 2

Last week we looked at why we can put off making big decisions. I talked about the fact that by continually not Overcoming Procrastination ~ Part 2making a decision we ARE making a decision. We are making a decision over and over and over again, not to decide and to live with the split energy of an unresolved situation hanging over us. Continually choosing not to decide – IS making a decision. We also talked about that with the big things in life, sometimes logic may not be enough to reach a decision. But that deep down, sometimes really d e e p d o w n that there is a part of you that does know the answer, and if you get quiet that wisdom from within will reveal itself.

The last point I want to make on this is that:

Some decisions …ARE JUST HARD.

Seriously. This one is obvious, but it needs saying! Some decisions that we can sit on and faff about endlessly with for years…they are BIG DECISIONS. So, they are likely to have BIG CONSEQUENCES, not just for us, but for other people too.

I have seen people sit on decisions, for a decade or more, because they want the decision to come with NO CONSEQUENCES.

Sometimes there are decisions to be made in life where that “no consequences” option IS JUST NOT ON THE TABLE.

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