October 19, 2019

Peace on the outside, war on the inside

Slack line in the nature.There’s a lot to be said for keeping the peace. No doubt it makes life run a lot smoother, and it undeniably reduces conflict. For sure, it’s sometimes better to suck it up and go with the flow than cause a scene and throw our toys from the pram. We all know we can’t get our own way all the time.

The thing is, whilst being able to compromise is a valuable life skill leading to increased harmony and longevity in relationships, if we are doing it ALL the time then it can tip over from being a helpful attribute to one that means we live simmering quietly in a sea of resentment.

It’s said that it’s better to lose the battle, but win the war. Which is true. However, here is another truism. When you deliberately keep losing the battle continually in order to keep the peace, you can end up starting a war inside yourself. There is a price to pay for continually backing down. It’s a feeling of being taken for granted, or under appreciated. And that is fertile ground for resentment to breed.

Feeling resentful is a wonderful cue to check in with ourselves to see where in life we have been habitually saying “yes, of course I don’t mind!”, when really we mean “no, I honestly really don’t want to do that”.

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