April 24, 2018

Speaking and Media

I love to write and I love to speak.

You can read my weekly Wellbeing Column in The New Zealand Herald in “Bite” every Monday!

My column in Bite Magazine

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Want me to write for you? I love to write about all things Wellbeing! Simple tricks and tools to be our healthiest and happiest best.  Just give me an idea of what you are interested in and budget and lets talk!

Speaking / Interview topics

I love to write and I also love to talk! I love to shift audiences, their mood, their thinking with a dollop of inspiration, a heap of useable and actionable tools and a smattering or witty repartee. Below are some of the Corporate Workshops I can run for your team to help them be their happiest and healthiest best.

Just give me an idea of what you are interested in and budget and lets talk! 

Time Management is OUT, Energy Management Is IN

  • Understanding how to make Energy Management work for you
  • How to be more productive without working longer
  • Strategies to improve energy levels throughout the day
  • Why Adrenal Fatigue is increasingly common in the workplace and how to avoid it
  • High Energy Thought strategy

The Secrets of Stickability: making health changes that last

  • Thought Strategies to actually IMPLEMENT health change
  • Action Style Profiling as a key implementation tool
  • Procrastination Busting techniques
  • Understanding how to make Energy Management work for you

Smarter, Healthier, Happier Team Performance

  • Myers Briggs Personality profiling OR
  • Kolbe Action Style Profiling
  • How to use profiling to improve team performance and harmony
  • How to play to your individual  strengths and maximise your performance