May 25, 2020

Start your day right ~Part 1

Y’know how sometimes the day can just start off all wrong, and then go rapidly downhill from there. I am sure you know the Start your day off on the right foot ~Part 1feeling. There is a reason that “getting out of bed on the wrong side” is a phrase we use to describe someone who is being grumpy and obtuse – how we start our day has a covertly powerful influence on how the rest of the day rolls out. A deliberately created morning routine is one small thing we can do for ourselves that has a disproportionately large impact on how our days unfold.

Here are 8 strategies for starting your day right.

1. Prep a bit the night before

Obviously, this one is not rocket science. If you have the juicer out and on the bench, you are far more likely to use it. Similarly, if the kitchen is clean and tidy rather than last night’s dishes in the sink, you are far more likely to prep a healthy breakfast. What small tasks can you square away the night before that will add ease and flow to your morning?

Identify the things that are your most common morning irritants.

Maybe it’s deciding what to wear and a heap of outfit changes. Or never having an ironed shirt. Or it might be putting the lunch boxes together under pressure or finding the sports kit.

Identify your top 3 morning irritants and make a plan to eliminate them the night before (pick the outfit, iron the shirt, sort the lunch box, find the cricket bat from its inexplicable hiding place behind the sofa). If you can resolve the top 3 irritants in advance, you are already on the way to a much easier start to your day.

My top 3 morning irritations are:
1. ______________________which I can resolve/lessen by_____________
2.______________________which I can resolve/lessen by_____________
3.______________________which I can resolve/lessen by_____________

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