October 19, 2019

Start Your Day Right – Part 2

PT waking upHow we start our day has a covertly powerful influence on how the rest of the day rolls out. Here are three more strategies to combine with last weeks to help you take control and create a morning routine that will help you start your day right.


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4. Get grateful before your feet even hit the floor

This is such a good tip for bringing more ease and lightness to your morning. When you press snooze on your alarm,* start listing things in your life you are grateful for. Happy moments from the previous day. Just start listing them and developing this as a habit. You will probably snooze back off but this at least gets your brain with the programme that we are now choosing to start the day on a positive note. You will be surprised how quickly this becomes a habit: Alarm beep. Oh, okay, what was good about yesterday? What were my happy moments? What am I grateful for? It breaks the bad habit of waking up and within seconds being on the anxiety train of “oh God, I’ve got to get X done today, and then Y is probably going to…” while you are still between the sheets.

Break the habit by establishing a new, far more empowered habit of starting your thoughts each morning with appreciation.

*Unless you are some kind of human unicorn who bounces out of bed before their alarm trilling “I’m a morning person, hello world”, in which case, you need no help, you’ve got it covered.

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