October 19, 2019

Start Your Day Right – Part 3

How we start our day has a covertly powerful influence on how the rest of the day rolls out. Here are two more strategies which combine with the six strategies from previous weeks to help you take control and create a morning routine that will help you start your day right.

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7. What three words would I like to describe my day today?

Living with intention is a powerful change. Rather than being at the mercy of what’s going on “out there” you have an internal intentionality about what you want to bring to your day. One of the easiest ways to do this is to set yourself three intention words for the day that set the scene for how you would like this day to unfold. It could be Focus+ Calm + Joy. Or, Fun + Ease + Flow. Whatever you want to GET from your day, and whatever you want to BRING to your day.pixel.png

So, if things go a little pear-shaped, it’s being able to wait longer than you wanted at the dentist and say “How can I bring Focus + Calm + Content to this situation? It might be taking the opportunity to read a magazine that is actually a bit of an unexpected treat, or it might be to chat to the receptionist and brighten her day, or it might be to have some clear time and aim to clear 10 emails. Rather than railing against the situation, anchor back to your intention set in the clear morning air to BRING and RECEIVE Focus + Calm + Content that day.

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