March 24, 2020

Start your day right – Part 2

This week, we are continuing on with how to start your day off on the right foot so you can make time for self-care and ease into your day instead of hitting the ground running. 4. Get grateful before your feet even hit the floor This is such a good tip for bringing more ease and Read More

The F Word

No, not that one. The other one. The one that upsets us a whole lot more. The one that really brings us to our knees. Uhuh. You’ve got it – failure. Nothing strikes fear into our hearts quite like it. No-one likes to fail, and most of us will go to extraordinary lengths to avoid Read More

Week #3: Why your Diet is like your Money Habits – and how to overcome self-sabotage

Have you ever been on a bootcamp or been to a personal trainer in a quest to lose weight, signed up and been told to do a Food Diary? To write down a brutally honest account of every single item you put in your mouth over a two-week period (sometimes longer). Yes, the super healthy Read More

How To Be Successful At Anything

How does any one get to be really good at anything? Look at the people you admire in any given field. Not necessarily famous people, or awards winners or whatever – just successful people. How do they get to be so successful? What’s the common theme that connects them? The winning golfer and the Onto Read More

7 Killer Quotes to Quit Procrastinating

Procrastination is such a thief of energy. That horrible “something is hanging over me feeling” when, lets be honest, we would feel soooo much better if we just got it done already. I’d love to say I don’t procrastinate, but I have my weak moments too – these are my go to inspirations to move Read More

Not getting what you want in life? Here’s why.

Here’s an interesting thing. We are often not getting what we want. We may not be getting the money we feel we deserve. Or the amount of love and affection we want. Or the recognition we want. Or the help and support we need. Not getting what we want is kinda part of the human Read More

The #1 Fear That Blocks You From Living Your Life’s Purpose

So many different scenarios of living life of purpose, but always the same underlying reason. Do any of these ring a bell with you? The middle manager who really wants to be a nutritionist but is scared it won’t work out and they can’t make money. The gorgeous girl who has been unlucky in love Read More

6 ways to keep your motivation HIGH!

As you probably know I have been writing a book for some time.  The working title is “High Energy Happiness” and I am lucky enough that it will be published by Penguin in January 2014. Yay! So exciting! All I have to do now of course is finish the damn thing! My manuscript is due Read More

2012 Review: the 10 questions you should ask yourself as CEO of You!

How has 2012 treated you gorgeous? I do hope with all the grace and goodness you deserve. I love the energy of the Year End. It’s the perfect time to pause and reflect. I must confess I have had a thrilling year, the column in “Bite” with the New Zealand Herald on Mondays has been Read More

The Only Bad Yoga Class is the One That Didn’t Happen

Winter is here. It’s dark horribly early. It’s raining. It’s cold. It’s SO easy to go straight home after work, miss class, and open the red wine and sit on the couch. It’s the Winter Blues where I can see attendance drop off a little. Don’t let it get to you gorgeous! You are worth Read More