October 19, 2019

Is this the year you finally learn to love your body?

Would you like this year to be the “Year Of Your Best Body?” Of course! Who wouldn’t. No shortage of ways to achieve that right now! Maybe the route to the YOYBB might be the 6am bootcamp signup? Maybe it’s quitting sugar? Perhaps it’s the personal trainer to drive up the skill and motivation levels? Read More

My secret to loving exercise

A spooky thing has happened to me this year. I have started to enjoy the gym. It’s a very weird sensation, but I now have to say I am actually turning into one of those mysterious creatures who “loves working out”.  As a serial non-workouter, who’s  idea of exercise was a swift sprint from the Read More

Interview with Karen Braund – Positive Balance’s Monday morning Intermediate yoga teacher

How did you come to yoga? I’ve always been the sort of person that likes to keep fit and to be healthy. I was a regular at the gym, but I hadn’t tried a yoga class before. My first introduction to yoga wasn’t all that inspiring, actually. I tried a very gentle class at first Read More

Yoga is great for all-over ‘feel-good’!

I find the Positive Balance yoga classes are great for all-over feel-good: mind and body. It’s way more physically and mentally challenging than you think it is going to be, but although it’s physically challenging, it’s not harsh or aggressive or competitive – it’s powerful but calming.

Yoga is for everybody…

I always kept away from yoga thinking it was something that only very fit people did; I never expected it to be the right thing for ‘me’ to do. Also I have found the quiet communication the women have in your class beneficial; it’s nice when you’re all at a similar stage with age/body/etc.