October 22, 2019

Devil You Know

People come to see a life coach because they want life to be different in some way. Usually in a lot of ways. They want to feel happier, calmer, more connected, engaged, passionate. They want an improved career situation, relationship situation, health situation or how they feel about themselves situation. As human beings, we are Read More

Big Decisions Come With Big Consequences – Part 2

Last week we looked at why we can put off making big decisions. I talked about the fact that by continually not making a decision we ARE making a decision. We are making a decision over and over and over again, not to decide and to live with the split energy of an unresolved situation Read More

Procrastinating About Making A Big Life Changing Decision?

How do you know if something is the right choice or not? Should you stay? Or go? Quit? Or recommit? Speak up or stay silent? Buy it, or pass it in? Book it, or defer? Trust her, or not? Back him, or walk away? How do you know which way to go when there is Read More

When Other People’s Lives Look Sorted And Yours Doesn’t!

“I should be married by now, everyone else is,” says one. “I should have kids by now, all my friends do,” says another. “I should own my own house/be mortgage free/have my retirement plan sorted/be the boss/own my own business by now,” says the third. “I should have figured out what my passion is. Why Read More

The F Word

No, not that one. The other one. The one that upsets us a whole lot more. The one that really brings us to our knees. Uhuh. You’ve got it – failure. Nothing strikes fear into our hearts quite like it. No-one likes to fail, and most of us will go to extraordinary lengths to avoid Read More

My Instant Mood Booster Trick

Want to know a magic trick where you can instantly change your mood and motivation just by changing one letter that you habitually use? Of course, you do. Who doesn’t want to feel more enthused and less resentful, to procrastinate less and do more? Okay, so it’s this. What have you GOT to do today? Read More

Week #4: If you think you can’t afford it, how to get what you want without breaking the bank.

How do you FEEL about money, honey? This is a FEELING question, not a DOLLAR AMOUNT QUESTION. The answer should give you some insight about your dominant emotion round money. Maybe you feel uneasy. Worried. Happy. Joyful. Secure. Unsafe. Elated. Maybe all of those things at different times. Here’s the thing: we never want money Read More

Week #3: Why your Diet is like your Money Habits – and how to overcome self-sabotage

Have you ever been on a bootcamp or been to a personal trainer in a quest to lose weight, signed up and been told to do a Food Diary? To write down a brutally honest account of every single item you put in your mouth over a two-week period (sometimes longer). Yes, the super healthy Read More

Week #2: Looking Money In The Eye. Getting honest about your REAL money habits.

One of the core principles we teach in my online group coaching programme ~Wellbeing Warriors~ (click here to join the membership waitlist) is that what we deny we cannot transform. The first step to changing any situation for the better is always increasing awareness.Awareness of what we don’t want. Increased awareness of what we do. Read More

“All About The Money, Honey!” Money Series – Week 1

Week #1: How to feel more relaxed about your money situation. Undoubtedly, one of the biggest stressors that can keep us from a enjoying a happy life is mmmmmoney. And money – as well as being about cold hard cash – is actually just as much about emotion and energy as the bank balance. We Read More