October 19, 2019

4 Need-To-Knows for resolution success in 2017 – Part 4

1. Wanting other people’s approval When we most want other people’s approval for our goals we can set ourselves up for failure. It means we are waiting for external approval to fuel our fire. This may or may not come. And if it doesn’t we will quickly lose momentum. When we are looking to make Read More

What is at the heart of your resolution? Is it Resolve? – Part 3

Another part of our discussion on New Year’s Resolutions this week. I hope yours are coming along a treat! If not, I hope there is something here to inspire you to make that change you desire stick this year. I want to start by looking at the language of the word ‘resolution’ itself. New Year’s Resolution Read More

Supercharge your resolutions – Part 2

We tend to get so obsessed with the HOW and the WHEN of a New Year’s resolution. The imperative of starting on the 1st of January or we have blown it (newsflash: you haven’t). And the almost obsessional levels of the HOW to get it done (newsflash: not as critical as you think). The HOW Read More

How to make NY resolutions that LAST: Part 1

I lovelovelove New Year! It’s probably my favourite time of the year – the sensation of a new chapter opening. An entirely unsullied virgin canvas. The delicious thought that we can consign our regrets and disappointments to history and turn the page embracing a shiny brand spanking new 12 months to start over. As a personal development junkie, I Read More

What I Wish For You In 2016

Laugh often. Swim in the ocean. Light candles in the dark. Whisper sweet nothings. Shout for joy. Close the doors that no longer lead anywhere. Be brave. Take a risk. Rest. Honour the inner murmurings of your heart. Try something new. Surprise yourself. To read the full article visit www.louisethompson.com

Why New Years Resolutions SUCK!

Due to the miracle that is the internet I am writing and scheduling this email to you from Kuala Lumpar airport as I make a veeery flying visit home to see my Mum and Dad. I know many people would think it was madness to go 12,000 for such a short time (7 days on Read More