October 22, 2019

7 Killer Quotes to Quit Procrastinating

Procrastination is such a thief of energy. That horrible “something is hanging over me feeling” when, lets be honest, we would feel soooo much better if we just got it done already. I’d love to say I don’t procrastinate, but I have my weak moments too – these are my go to inspirations to move Read More

7 Inspirational Quotes To Help You Through Tough Times

Sometimes life hits us up with a shit sandwich. Through no fault of our own we can get smacked upside the head and left reeling. I find quotes a helpful tool at a time life this, having one strong message to hang onto as I am scrambling helps me get my feet planted a little Read More

4 Questions To Ask Yourself Next Time You Feel Anxiety and Stress

We all get anxious and het up from time to time. Life is life and every now and again it’s going to throw a curve ball in our direction.  What is interesting however is just how damn easy it is to keep ourselves trapped in a loop of worry and stress. To cut through anxiety Read More

How to worry less, and enjoy the moment more …

Our worries often seem so real it’s as if they have happened already. The client has cancelled. The kid got hurt. The car broke down. You missed the park. The money ran out. The boss shouted. The anxiety we feel about these things as we sit watching the children play on the swings, or in Read More

Don’t worry, be happy now

“ I am worried that if I lose the weight then I won’t be able to keep it off”. “I’m worried that if I take that big scary promotion that I will be  not good enough when I am doing the new job”. “I’m worried that if I go travel that I will worry about Read More

A simple exercise to find your silver lining

“Everywhere you go, always take the weather with you…everywhere you go, always take the weather”                                  ~Crowded House, 1991. This lyric from Crowded House always reminds me of the following fabulous (sadly anonymous) quote: Peace does not mean to be Read More

How not to let the break up break you: should you stay friends after?

This is a juicy one, no? Lots of arguments for and against. In essence of course it depends on the individual dynamic involved, and also, if you have children together where it’s less of a choice and more of a necessity. On balance if you don’t have kids I tend to come down on the Read More

How not to let the break up break you: 7 essentials to think about when they break up with you.

1.  Lordy this can be very hard, especially if it comes totally out of the blue. I am so sorry honey-child. I just want you to know though that you are far better out of a relationship if the other person doesn’t actually want to be in it with you. The fact of the matter Read More

How not to let the break up break you: a six part series!

I get a lot of questions about how to best tackle various relationship situations. So, what can I say? I’m here to help and your wish is my command! Here is a wee six part series for you on romantic relationships. One a week for the next six weeks. Do feel free to forward them Read More

6 signs you need a digital detox…and 3 quick tips on how to do it

A truly fascinating study by Time  in the US shows that 68% of us are taking our phones to bed, and 36% are texting and Facebooking whilst eating out at a restaurant. That people, is craaaaaaaaazy! No wonder we are stressed, wired, and struggling to sleep properly! Whilst smart phones are undoubtedly amazing it’s also Read More