January 24, 2020

A simple exercise to find your silver lining

“Everywhere you go, always take the weather with you…everywhere you go, always take the weather”                                  ~Crowded House, 1991. This lyric from Crowded House always reminds me of the following fabulous (sadly anonymous) quote: Peace does not mean to be Read More

6 signs you need a digital detox…and 3 quick tips on how to do it

A truly fascinating study by Time  in the US shows that 68% of us are taking our phones to bed, and 36% are texting and Facebooking whilst eating out at a restaurant. That people, is craaaaaaaaazy! No wonder we are stressed, wired, and struggling to sleep properly! Whilst smart phones are undoubtedly amazing it’s also Read More

It’s not about life-work balance, it’s about life-work volume.

Here’s the thing about Life-Work balance that I have found. You can have it, we all can have it, but we need to choose it. And it’s not the case of finding the elusive 3 day a week job that pays 6 figures (although that would be nice) it’s a case of consistently choosing it Read More

Are you in a relationSHIP or a relationSHOP? How to tell the difference and transform your friendships.

Friendships and relationships are usually the source of our greatest joy in life. The relationships with our family, partner, children, siblings, friends, colleagues, clients. They are also the source of some of our greatest angst and worry! There will always be a natural ebb and flow to a relationship, sometimes we need to give, sometimes Read More

Quitting or letting go?

I am not a quitter. And I am sure you are not either. No-one likes to think of themselves as a quitter do they? It’s the ultimate loser-ish label to apply to oneself. I think the belief that “quitting is bad” is a great foundation for pushing us onward, faster, higher harder. Not quitting means Read More

“I Don’t Like Conflict” : the secrets to getting unstuck

This is hands-down one of the most common reasons I see that people are unhappy. That they are tolerating something crappy in their life. Crappy exploitative relationship with co-worker. Crappy loveless marriage. Getting no support with chores in the home. Not being spoken to with respect. These crappy things get put up with because “I Read More

6 Ways to Deal with Anxiety and Reduce Stress Fast

When life gets frantic and we feel anxiety creeping in, it can paralyse us and make even the simplest decisions reeeeeeeeeeally hard! We can feel this anxiety in the body, our shoulders get tense, our breathing turns shallow and we just want to get this thing SORTED RIGHT NOW GODDAMMIT! Here are my top strategies Read More

Yogic breathing has been invaluable to me for reducing stress

The thing that I find I use most outside of my yoga class is the breathing technique. It really helps to bring my heart rate down plus I find it relaxes me in stressful situations.

Yoga has given me a more relaxed state of mind

The thing that has struck me most about taking up yoga with Positive Balance is that I now have a more relaxed state of mind. I love the way that Louise has given me the ability to reduce my stress through breathing. Fabulous!

Yoga is mentally rewarding

I didn’t expect my Beginners Yoga Course to have such a significant mental aspect to it, I’ve really found that I’ve got more peace since starting yoga. I’m sure its going to be a long and rewarding journey for me. Thanks!