October 19, 2019

6 Ways to Deal with Anxiety and Reduce Stress Fast

When life gets frantic and we feel anxiety creeping in, it can paralyse us and make even the simplest decisions reeeeeeeeeeally hard! We can feel this anxiety in the body, our shoulders get tense, our breathing turns shallow and we just want to get this thing SORTED RIGHT NOW GODDAMMIT! Here are my top strategies Read More

What a frog can teach you about happiness

There is an anecdote about boiling a frog that I kind of like. It’s from the 1800’s when experiments of this type were much in vogue. The premise is that if you put a frog in pan of cold water and then heat it up very, very, veeeeeeeeeeery slowly the frog won’t notice the incremental Read More

Yogic breathing has been invaluable to me for reducing stress

The thing that I find I use most outside of my yoga class is the breathing technique. It really helps to bring my heart rate down plus I find it relaxes me in stressful situations.

Yoga is mentally rewarding

I didn’t expect my Beginners Yoga Course to have such a significant mental aspect to it, I’ve really found that I’ve got more peace since starting yoga. I’m sure its going to be a long and rewarding journey for me. Thanks!

Interview with Karen Braund – Positive Balance’s Monday morning Intermediate yoga teacher

How did you come to yoga? I’ve always been the sort of person that likes to keep fit and to be healthy. I was a regular at the gym, but I hadn’t tried a yoga class before. My first introduction to yoga wasn’t all that inspiring, actually. I tried a very gentle class at first Read More

Yoga is an investment in your wellbeing and personal happiness

Positive Balance yoga will do wonders for your flexibility, strength and sporting performance, and ensure you stay fit and strong for life. But it is much more than great physical exercise, it is an investment in your wellbeing and personal happiness. The impact of our fast-paced world on our breathing and stress levels makes yoga Read More

Are you a slave to Busy?

How busy are you? Life is busy right? Do you find it hard to relax? To stop, to chill, to smell the roses? I know I know, you’ll get to the roses. Sure. Just as soon as you’ve crossed the outstanding 4016 things off your To Do list. I just  have no idea just how Read More